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Why NS Code?

To say that we care about your satisfaction is an understatement.

We put a great deal of effort to ensure that your product will hit the market exactly in the way, time and shape it needs to reach an astounding success.Our team of passionate and experienced developers is able to create pretty much anything you ask them to in a very short amount of time. Our company is located in Poland - heart of Europe, which means we know European Clients’ values and culture.

We can’t wait to work on your next project with you.

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Mobile devices image Highly effective web apps.

Scallable, ready to be up and running 24/7.

Smartphone image Dedicated mobile applications.

For both iOS and Android. Native or hybrid.

Wrench image B2B systems

Software dedicated for your company. CRM, ERP.

Settings image Process automation

Using AI and innovative technologies.

Users image Support and maintenance

Experts ready to help you in any situation.

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Number 1

You have come up with a great idea for a product, so now what?

Your concept will be shared with as many people as possible. Our task is to execute your plan all the way through to avoid any misunderstandings.

Number 2

Good design keeps your product memorable

Design is a way more than just the external appearance of your business/brand/product. It plays such an important role in creating strong marketing strategies. The goal is to create a complete and structured picture of your business idea.

Number 3

Software tailor-made for your project

When we create any software or help you with a project, you have to know that our engineers and designers are fully commited to make it run notwithstanding the conditions. We have experience with working under tight deadlines and still deliver highly effective products.

Number 4

Quality is our top priority

Before giving you your end product, we still need to make sure that its quality is in line with our standards. No product is ideal, and we know it. However you can be sure that nothing wrong will happen durning your product showcase.

Number 5

Your fulfillment is our critical success factor

Even after achieving your paramount goal (and desired results) you will not be left alone. Our dedicated team will take care of production environment and help your unique business reach its full potential. We provide comprehensive customer service and technical support for you no matter what time and day of the week.

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