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Let us help you grow your business with custom web application. It is a complex task, and we know it, but we can handle it.

We do products end-to-end. Choosing right web development technology with tailor-made backend or cloud services leads to interest and trust of new and current users.

Our web applications are reliable, efficient and regardless of the budget - made for easy scaling.

Tech we use and love:

  • React.js
  • Gatsby
  • Vue.js
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Silesian Univeristy of Technology - R&D

We have teamed up with Silesian University of Technology to help them with ongoing Research & Development project. We were responsible for providing additional software components which due to NDAs we are unable to share publicly. Fields in which we have cooperated with the university - Machine Learning, AR, Software Development, Cloud Services.

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First Case Study
Second Case Study
Steal Alert - Mobile App

Steal Alert is an mobile application where you can find the best deals in fashion and electronics. NS Code was responsible for developing mobile application for both android and iOS, as well as creating stable serverless backend with Firebase. App is running now with 99,9% uptime with over 300 000 unique users per month.

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