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Our main goal is to help you grow the business into the next level. We are experts in our domain - that’s why we would like to help you choose the right technology to make your company more profitable, bigger, and more automated. Your success is our success.

We are not only just being developers, but we are truly being partners throughout the entire process during working for your success. Not only we deliver code and finish tasks on time, but also we help you you refine the vision for upcoming features and changes. We deliver the product you need, to get the results you want. Let us translate your vision into software.

Questions And Answers

How long do I need to wait for an estimate?

Doing a good estimate without technical documentation takes time. It usually takes from 1 to 3 days.

Both sides need to know what's the scope of the project and how can we handle it in the proper (for both budget and current product state) way. After you being interested in our services we do schedule a time for a quick call to describe the project. After that if you don't have technical specification - we do it for you for around 1000 USD (depending on the project scope). When you decide to work with us - we substract the amount you paid from the full price of project. If not, you've got fully completed technical specification which you can use to proceed later.

How can we keep the deadlines?

Our experienced developers always have your business in mind. We work remote & asynchronously to create optimal enviroment for every of our developers.

However, we practice a technique called over-communication. We always keep you in the communication loop. Everyday we share with you what we did, what's the progress of the project, what obstacles. We actively help you prioritize the most important tasks and to keep them at the top of the backlog. We strive to ship our work to production on daily and sometimes even hourly basis. That means when it's done, it's really done and you or your customers can use it. We often rely on techniques such as continuous deployment and feature toggles to make that happen.

Who's on your team?

The people behind one of the most popular App Store Apps and researches at Polish Unviersites.

We are not ninjas nor gurus. But, we are experienced and mindful team of specialists in digital solutions. Together we can bring your ideas to life. Our designers and engineers know collaboration is the essence of any project. We can easily work on frontend and backend tasks. That gives us the ability to understand the whole application faster and introduce changes on all necessary layers. Which means we can ship whole features.

What tools do you use? How can we communicate?

For time tracking we use Toggl and Basecamp for tasks managment and we love it. But, it dosen't really matter.

We are going to use all the tools that you and your team are already using. We like to be part of your project management structure. Keeping track of tasks and progress of our work leads to proper cooperation. We want to be fully visible and transparent with our work to you and your team.

Our code is a mess. How about that?

It won't be easy, but we can work with it. Either if we implement a new feature or change the code in any way, we will help you manage it. We don't practice refactoring sprints because we are doing ongoing refactoring.

What does it mean? In short - we always leave your code cleaner than we found it.

How to proceed?

If you are interested in hiring us, please schedule a meeting with Szymon, our CEO.
Feel free to ask any questions regarding our skills, experience, availability and financial aspects.

Not feeling a talk? Drop us a line at office@nscode.pl