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Utilizing our vast experience in iOS, we leverage the abilities of our experienced mobile developers and our comprehensive understanding of client requirements to create resilient and scalable iOS applications.

App Solutions with Unmatched Performance on iOS

At NS Code, we recognize that mobile applications have to be more than merely functional; they must deliver unmatched performance and reliability. This understanding prompts us to use iOS, a leading mobile platform, to develop robust, scalable mobile applications that deliver high performance across an assortment of mobile environments.

Our team of highly skilled developers makes use of the most contemporary tools and technologies within iOS to create mobile applications that not only meet your business needs but also ensure superior uptime and reliability for your users.

Swift Performance Optimization

Maximize app speed and efficiency by leveraging Swift's high-performance capabilities for a smoother user experience.


Create immersive augmented reality experiences using Apple's ARKit framework for engaging and interactive app functionalities.

CoreData Local Data Storage

Ensure seamless offline functionality with efficient data storage using CoreData, providing a smooth user experience.

HealthKit Integration

Enhance health and fitness apps by integrating HealthKit, allowing users to securely access and share their health data.

CoreML Machine Learning

Implement on-device machine learning capabilities with CoreML, enabling intelligent features and personalized user experiences.

UIKit Dynamic UI Design

Craft visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces using UIKit, ensuring a polished and consistent design throughout the app.

App Solutions with Unmatched Performance on iOS

What can you build with iOS?

iOS Home Energy Tracker

Develop a native iOS app that integrates seamlessly with HomeKit for real-time energy monitoring. Utilize Swift with Core Bluetooth to connect to HomeKit-enabled smart devices, allowing users to monitor and optimize energy consumption directly from their iPhones or iPads. Leverage widgets for quick access to energy insights on the iOS home screen.


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