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React Native

We specialize in mobile development with React Native, leveraging the skills of experienced JavaScript/TypeScript developers and a deep understanding of client needs to create seamless, user-friendly apps.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Exceptional User Experience

At NS Code, we believe that mobile apps should not only be functional but also provide a seamless, enjoyable user experience. That's why we use React Native, combined with TypeScript and JavaScript, to build full­featured, cross-platform mobile apps that perform equally well on iOS and Android devices.

Our team of experienced developers leverages the latest tools and technologies to craft mobile apps that not only meet your business requirements but also delight your users.

End-to-end Development

Complete development services from design to deployment.

Cross-Platform Solution

Build for both iOS and Android with a single codebase.

Cost Savings

Efficient development leads to reduced costs.

Rapid MVPs

Quickly launch a minimum viable product to test your ideas.

Unified UI

Create a seamless user experience a cross both platforms.

Team Extension

Expand your in-house team with our experienced React Native developers.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Exceptional User Experience

What can you build with React Native?


React Native allows for the creation of cross-platform chat apps that can be deployed on both iOS and Android with a single codebase, reducing development time and cost.

Modular architecture makes it easy to integrate third-party libraries and APls, enabling the creation of rich and feature-packed chat apps.

With its constantly evolving technology and expanding community, React Native provides a future-proof investment for the development of your chat app.


Not sure what tech to choose?

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